When we hear the call to move our life in a new direction, I think Spirit is calling us to expand ourselves because it is our nature to evolve and change throughout our entire life. We weren’t born to live static, boring lives. There is a divine urge within us that is continually pulling us to try new things, live in new places, and have adventures. It is as if Spirit moves us out of our comfort zone when we get complacent, and compels us to do something new.

The cool thing is that even though moving into new territory may be scary, we have everything we need within ourselves to move through change. We have the tools of the universe packed inside of us, and when we decide to make a change, we activate our inner strength, wisdom, and hidden abilities. The universe supports us completely and provides us with avenues, possibilities and opportunities to expand ourselves and our lives in ways we never thought possible.

If you are feeling insecure about yourself because of the new direction you want to take in your life, just know that God gave you everything you need to make the change, and if it wasn’t yours to do, you wouldn’t feel drawn to change. Trust yourself and open up to the life you have always wanted to live. It has been waiting for your for a long time.