The day of reckoning has arrived. A new president embroiled in controversy is being sworn in today. Can life get anymore surreal than this?

Like many Americans, I was absolutely stunned by the election results, and today, I am singing the inauguration blues. It is a sad day to see a man of integrity, grace and kindness be replaced by a rude, thoughtless, and dangerous man.

But this isn’t a time to stay stuck in the blues. It isn’t a time for us to fall apart. It isn’t a time for us to say we are doomed. It is a time for all people who are singing the inauguration blues to rise up and claim their power. This man who is now the President of the United States has instilled fear, anxiety and panic in not only many Americans, but those in other countries as well, and he has done little to assuage those feelings. The only alternative for us is to not give in to the fear and put our faith in humanity.

The human spirit is strong and resilient, and we are being called to summons the marrow of our being into action, whether it is to get involved in grass roots movements or to pray. Everything counts.

Stagnation is death, so we must not lay down in despair but instead, stand up and be heard. We are not alone. There are countless numbers of people gathering together to represent an irrefutable voice of this country in an effort to stand strong and be recognized.

As we shake off the fear this man has aroused in us, let us not forget to employ one power that is greater than he is, (although he may disagree), and that power is God. When we enlist the energy of Spirit into the efforts that are being put forth at this time, we are harnessing the unlimited possibilities of the Universe to do our bidding. We are inviting into the collective consciousness that which can change everything for the better; that which can create the highest and best outcome simply by our knowing it can be done.

It may not be easy to see the good that is emerging out of this new presidency, but what I know is that good always prevails, and I know that this case is no exception. When we have a collective acceptance of this, the miraculous happens.