I know this might sound insane, but I think it is an idea worth contemplating. I think many of us have an unconscious need to punish ourselves, and this has an effect on our life experiences. The subconscious part of us is a repository of all of our experiences and the collective beliefs of our society. If we have not examined the mental and emotional programming that was instilled in us, an unconscious part of us may be holding on to guilt that was not processed when it was developing in us. Becoming aware of how we may be punishing ourselves is not easy, but it can be done, and it is worth the effort. If there is anything happening “to you” in your life that you don’t like, ask yourself if this experience is serving as some sort of punishment you unconsciously think you deserve. The answer may be “no”, but it is certainly worth asking especially if it leads to a realization that changes your life for the better.


I have the courage to see that which has been hidden in my subconscious mind so that I can become aware of any self-punishing beliefs that have been controlling my destiny. Knowing that Spirit loves me unconditionally, I too love myself unconditionally as I release all thoughts that do not support that love.