About Dale


and I am here to help women awaken to their inner power and get back in the driver’s seat of their life so they can live a life of power, passion and purpose. I use spiritual tools that gently open my clients up, allowing them to reconnect with their Divine nature and rediscover the beauty of life. When we get back in alignment with who we are, all areas of our lives change for the better. I call this work SoulCadence™.  It is designed to get you in tune with the rhythm of your soul.

As soon as we are born into this world, many of us are taught to conform to outer conditions and belief systems, and by the time we are adults, we can become totally disconnected from who we are at the soul level. As a result, we live our lives doing what we are “supposed” to do in order to be part of the culture, and oftentimes, this is out of alignment with who we really are. One day, we may wake up and ask ourselves, “My God, who am I and what have I done?”

This is where I come in. I assist women who are feeling lost, unhappy, and disconnected find their way back home. I believe that within every person lies a divine blueprint, unique as a fingerprint, and I help people discover that blueprint. Having been through my own journey of rediscovering my soul after being very lost for many years, I have a wealth of knowledge and experience that allows me to be the perfect guide for reconnecting you with who you really are and fall in love with your life.

The result of working with me is the restoration of confidence, strength, vitality, vision and joy. All of my clients experience improved relationships with loved ones, increased income, improvements in health, and the ability to attract new romance. I work with my clients in person and internationally via Skype, Facetime or by telephone.

If you are interested in living a life of power, passion and purpose, then I am the person to help you do that.

Education and Training

I have a Bachelor of Arts degree in English, and I minored in Developmental Psychology and Cultural Anthropology. I have a great love for learning, especially in regards to the human condition.

In 2008, I became a licensed Practitioner through Centers for Spiritual Living, and I have enjoyed a successful practice ever since. I am the Lead Practitioner at Center for Spiritual Living Palm Desert, and I am Vice President of the Board of Trustees.

In 2012, I became certified in leading Visioning through Rai Jordan.