Get in tune with the rhythm of your soul!

SoulCadence™ is a healing modality for individuals, couples or groups, and it works by peeling off the layers of limitation and fear, discovering the inner truth of who you are, and enabling you to go out into the world with the tools for success.

During a SoulCadence™ session, you will gain clarity and receive spiritual tools to use to facilitate your transformation. The work includes one on one spiritual guidance and support, visioning, meditation, prayer, journaling, intention setting and other methods of personal development.

‘ I have developed this work over the last 5 years after working with my clients and discovering a common path that facilitates deep healing and permanent life transformation. Through SoulCadence™, you will be empowered to handle situations that arise in your life, and discover the rhythm of your soul and the pure joy of living. ‘

SoulCadence™ for Individuals

Are you ready to dive into your soul, deepen your spirituality and get your power back? If so, individual SoulCadence™  sessions are perfect for you. People who work with me feel uplifted and excited about their lives after just one session. With my loving guidance, you will be able to look within and discover who you are, figure out the authentic you from the “not you”, and get in touch with the difference between what you learned and what you “know”.

SoulCadence™ for Couples

Are you in a relationship that is going nowhere? Are you and your loved one unable to communicate with each other? If so, I can help you work through your issues and feel closer again. I have worked with many couples who were experiencing challenges or feeling stuck in their relationships, and after working with me, they were able to make major shifts in their relationships and reignite their love and passion. I have many spiritual tools for couples to use to enhance their communication and relationship.

SoulCadence™ for Groups

Are you desiring to be part of a spiritual community but don’t know where to begin? SoulCadence™ for small groups brings people together who are yearning to spiritually connect and bond with like-minded people on a regular basis, either weekly, bi-monthly or monthly. If you know a group of spiritually-minded people who would like to experience SoulCadence™ , I am available in person or via Skype or FaceTime.

SoulCadence™  for groups is either 1 or 2 hour sessions.

Premium Prayer Services

I offer monthly packages designed to provide you with unlimited prayer support. Submit prayer requests via telephone, text or email when needed. I provide written prayers or affirmations upon request in addition to inclusion in my daily prayers. Some packages include a monthly session in person, by telephone or Skype.


Are you feeling stuck in your life and are searching for clarity and direction? If so, Visioning is a great modality for getting in touch with the deeper parts of yourself in order to unearth your direction and clarity. It was originally developed by Michael Beckwith as a means to bring our deepest dreams into conscious awareness. During a visioning session, I will guide you through this meditative process designed to connect you with your sacred soul vision. The session lasts one hour. It is a great way to uncover your divine direction and purpose. I am certified in facilitating visioning through Rai Jordan. These sessions can be incorporated into SoulCadence™ packages.

VIP Day with Dale

I love to combine work with play, so I offer a VIP Day which is a one-on-one experience with me for a day or 1/2 day. During this time together, we will do some deep work and expedite your transformation while having fun in a beautiful environment. VIP Days are specially designed for the individual based on their goals and preferences.

Please contact Dale for SoulCadence™ and Premium Prayer Services packages and fees.