When we finally get real with ourselves and decide to begin making changes so we can enjoy our lives again, things don’t magically snap into place. This is why most of us resist change and continue living in mediocrity.

I think when we are ready to change, it is good to know what to expect so we don’t get disappointed, especially in regards to what might come up for us internally. When we make the “big decision,” it is really exciting at first because we visualize new possibilities that show us the way out from the discontent we are experiencing. But that quickly evaporates as soon as we realize there is inner work to do in order to make the changes happen.

Some things that might come up when we turn onto this path are insecurity and doubt. Whenever we are shaking up our status quo, we may question ourselves, especially if we encounter set backs. We may question our sanity or feel discomfort since we are entering into new territory. We may even feel a loss of identity because we are no longer who we thought we were now that we are changing things up. When we are forging a new, creative life, there is no roadmap for us to follow. The guidance comes from within.

All of this is very normal, and it is important for us to remember what can come up for us when we are recreating our lives. Change may not be easy, but it is very worth it. Anyone who has done so will tell you that any discomfort they experienced was worth creating a new life. Think of the baby eagles when they are learning to fly. The parent eagles make the nest thorny so that when they are first learning to fly, they won’t want to stay in the nest. The thorns hurt their feet, so it forces them to fly. The same holds true for human beings. The discomfort that comes with change forces us to fly, and fly we will.