Spirit is the one creative, loving Power that is within all life and supports all beings with Its infinite energy and light. It provides me with all I need at all times. God is the Indwelling Presence that guides me, loves me, and expresses in, as and through me and in all my affairs.

Today I loosen old restrictive beliefs that hinder my financial expansion, as I accept that I am fully capable of supporting myself in the manner I choose to live. Knowing that Spirit withholds nothing from me, I now accept Its guidance and ideas that bring financial prosperity to my life. I am joyful as I receive my good from expected and unexpected channels, and I gratefully tithe my good to keep the flow going. I have complete trust and faith in the Divine Universal Power that fuels my life with Its unending energy.

I am grateful the floodgates are now open, as I gratefully receive financial prosperity. Thank you, sweet Spirit, for your everlasting support. Knowing all is now unfolding through Divine precision, I release my word to the Law of Mind, and it is done. And so it is. Amen.